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Like a Safari / Concord Waterfall & Chocolate Factory Tour

(5.5 to 6 hours; includes all entrances fees)

This remarkable half-day tour, starts with pick-up at your hotel in an air-conditioned van. Pass through St. George's, the prettiest capital in the Caribbean. Continuing along the island's western coast, turn onto a tiny mountain road that leads to the perfectly picturesque Concord Waterfalls -- a set of three waterfalls, in the lush mountain lands with lots of spice trees and small houses with flower gardens. You can swim in the waterfall if you wish, the water is cool and leaves you wonderfully refreshed.


Carry on to the fishing town of Gouyave and spice processing station, where you can see why the island is called the "Isle of Spice" and how the spices are processed after picking, in much the same way that has been done for a hundred years. Visit the chocolate factory, where you will walk through the cocoa fields and learn how chocolate is made, in addition to a tasting. 

Sightseeing in Grenada

A tour of Grenada would not be complete without visiting the island's interior, so head inland, traversing centuries old plantations to see the Grand Etang Lake and rainforest, in Grenada's largest national park before heading down the mountain, and back to your hotel.

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