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Hiking Tours 

Hiking and showing Grenada's hidden beauty is  perhaps our greatest love. We take great pride in showing people our island, and helping visitors see it the way we do, but in the manner they want, whether it be energetic hike, relaxing walking through the rainforest or just a chance to soak in waterfalls. You know what you like, and we know the island, between us we can create exactly what you need. We will take you whether you wish to go alone, or go with friends. 


Our hikes are graded as follows:

 1- Moderate: Gentle slopes; Slippery. Cross fallen trees, boulders, and small ditches & streams.

 2- Challenging: Many steep slopes. Sometimes slippery. Cross fallen trees, boulders, small ditches & streams.

 3- Very Challenging: Mostly steep slopes. Sometimes slippery. Cross fallen trees, slopes, boulders, ditches & streams.


It starts in the Grand Etang National Park in the island interior and trek across the central mountain range to the Concord waterfall on Grenada's western side. This hike crosses many streams and passes through overgrown trails. The hike ends at the Concord waterfall where you're able to get a very well deserved refreshing swim.

Settled in the lush mountains, you have the opportunity to see Concord's second waterfall. It is less frequented and more secluded, but well worth the 30-45 mins hike from the first waterfall. 

Starting on an old agricultural estate high in the hills and descends into the rain forest. The walking part takes about an hour each way on an often muddy trail. The destination is worth the hike, as it leads you into two breath taking waterfalls with picturesque swimming pools. 

Hike to the top of Grenada -- Mount St. Catherine set at 2,760 ft (840 m) above sea level. The roughly two (2) hour hike from the island's interior is strenuous, so it requires physical fitness. While a challenging hike, the breath taking panorama views from the top of paradise make the trek well worth it. 

Lots of breath taking views, birds and, the occasional monkeys, as you hike to Mt. Qua Qua trail of the Grand Etang National Park. 

Climb through an astounding forest reserve full of towering mahogany and teak trees with luxuriant ferns. See a variety of birds and, occasionally, Monkeys as you visit the base camp of Grenada's rebel hero, Fedon. 

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