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Fedon's Camp   

(2-Moderate; 5-6 hours)

We drive to Grenada's interior to Grand Etang rainforest in the heart of the island's largest national park. This provides the perfect starting point for our hike. We climb through an astounding nature reserve full of towering mahogany and teak trees with luxuriant ferns at the lower levels, with breath-taking views. We will see a variety of birds and, occasionally, Monkeys. 

We visit the cave and base of Grenada's rebel hero, Fedon who led a major rebellion in the 18th century, the hike back to our starting point. 

Grand Etang direction sign
Hiking trail to Fedon's camp

                                   (USD)                         (XCD)
No. of Persons     Price per person       Price per person

         1                          $150                         $400.50
       2 to 3                        $85                         $226.95
          4+                          $65                         $173.55

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