Henry Safari Yacht Services & Tours Ltd.

Southern Tour 

This is an easy half-day tour. Not too much driving and

plenty of time to stretch your legs at each stop. We keep

to the southern part of the island. We take you back along

the Morne Jaloux ridge, which offers great panoramic

views of the south and southwest coasts. We return along

the coast including the lovely Laura Herbs and Spice

garden and the beautiful Fort Jeudy development, as well

as visiting a rum distillery. We even wind through my

home village, Woburn. This is a pleasant and relaxing ride.


                                       (U.S.)                          (E.C.)
No. of Persons              Price per person             Price per person
       1                               $120                         $320.40
   2 to 4                             $60                         $160.20
      5+                              $50                         $133.50