Mt. Qua Qua    
(5-6 hours, Energetic hike) 

This hike starts up in the mountains in the Grand Etang national park which is not too far from the forest center on a well groomed trail with a few muddy patches when it rains. The steps are carved into the rugged landscape quite nicely with several good views that can be enjoyed along the way to the summit. The hike takes about 1.5 hours each way on an often muddy trail. You will see lots of breath taking views, birds and, the occasional monkeys.

                                                (U.S.)                          (E.C.)
No. of Persons              Price per person           Price per person
       1                                $120                        $320.40
   2 to 3                             $65                          $173.55
      4+                              $60                          $160.20

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