Henry Safari Yacht Services & Tours Ltd.


                                        (U.S.)                    (E.C.)
     No. of Persons         Price per person       Price per person
            1                          $130                     $347.20
         2 to 4                       $70                     $186.90
            5+                        $65                     $173.55

Mountains and Coast

(Special arrangements for lunch can be made)

On this long half day tour, you get to see a lot of Grenada.

We start with a visit to St. George's to check out the local

market, before winding up into the mountains on the road

to the Grand Etang. We spend some time in the rain forest

at Grand Etang lake and the forest center. We head down

the mountain to Grenville where we visit the Nutmeg

processing plant - you can see how it is done today, just as

it was hundreds of years ago. We return along the east and

south coast, checking out la Sagesse nature center on the way, as well as rum distillery.