Henry Safari Yacht Services & Tours Ltd.

Island-Wide Full Day Tour

(7-8 hours, entrance fees and lunch included)

We begin in St. George's, the prettiest towns in the Caribbean, giving you an opportunity to take pictures. We follow up the west coast to till we turn off the tiny mountain road that leads up to the perfectly picturesque Concord Waterfalls. These falls are set in rich agricultural land with lots of nutmeg trees and small houses with flower gardens. You can walk down to the falls here if you wish and take a swim. The water is cool and leaves you wonderfully refreshed.

We carry on to the nutmeg processing station where you can see why our island gets the name "Isle of Spice" and how the spices are treated after picking, in much the same way as they have been for hundreds of years. We carry on up the west coast to the Diamond chocolate factory, where you see how cocoa is grown, harvested and processed into chocolates. It good to see, but better to taste. We then head to a local restaurant for authentic lunch located in the north of the island.

After lunch, your next stop is the River Antoine Rum Distillery on Grenada’s northeast coast. The oldest functioning water-powered distillery in the eastern caribbean, opened in the late 1700s and continues to produce its strong rum — available only in Grenada — using the same old-fashioned methods. After a distillery tour, enjoy a sample of the potent liquor. 

Finally, head southwest, passing through the town of Grenville, to the island's interior, Grand Etang Lake and Forest Center in the Grand Etang National Park. Sitting pretty amid Grenada’s rainforest-filled interior, the crater lake is a beautiful spot to end your tour of a beautiful island. You have a few minutes here to take pictures and admire the lush vegetation surrounding the lake. 

                                                 (U.S.)                         (E.C.)
    No. of Persons                    Price per person           Price per person
            1                                   $150                         $400.50
        2 to 6                                 $85                          $226.95
           7+                                   $75                         $200.25