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Honeymoon Waterfalls   
(5-6 hours, Energetic hike) 

This hike is the same as the hike to Seven Sisters falls, but rather than collapsing in the water we continue to hike up a branch of the river, till at last we get to these very special secret falls in the middle of nowhere. 

This hike starts up in the mountains not too far from the forest center. The hike starts on an old agricultural estate high in the hills and descends into the rain forest. The walking part takes about an hour each way on an often muddy trail. For much of the time you are going down a path cut into one side of a huge valley. You will see lots of bird life and, occasionally, monkeys.

At the bottom of the valley we met the river and climb a short way up to our destination. Here several falls cascade into perfect swimming pools. Fish and crayfish dart around in the river. It is a perfect place for a swim. You will feel wonderfully refreshed and you hair will feel specially soft afterwards.

                                       (U.S.)                       (E.C.)
No. of Persons              Price per person         Price per person
       1                                $120                      $320.40
   2 to 4                             $65                       $173.55
      5+                              $60                       $160.20