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     When I bought my first taxi, I had just one thing on my mind; "I really want my customers to be satisfied". Many of my clients came from yachts and they wanted to hike. Well I went hiking with them, we had a great time. The rest of the taxi drivers saw me come back covered in mud and laughed; called me the Mud Taxi. We call it Safari tours. The next thing,  yachts on charter needed laundry in a hurry. In those days it was hard, especially on a holiday, so we installed a laundry. Then came the film people wanting locations. As I kept doing the things people want, I found myself adding on, more staff, different cabs, more facilities, whatever my customers want I go ahead and do it. 
Click on the links,  you will find we cover quite a few things. But if there is something you need we don't cover here, let me know, because there is always room for more.   Denis Henry


Henry's Safari Tours is one of Grenada's success stories, headed by lifelong Grenadians Denis & Adeline Henry.

Henry has been awarded Tour Operator of the Year by the Grenada Board of Tourism, He has also received particular commendation from the U.S. Embassy.

"Henry gets his satisfaction from seeing his clients happy, and he likes a challenge. That is the secret of his success. Whether you want a game of golf and need both clubs and a partner, or if you arrive in a Megayacht needing a dozen things done by tomorrow morning, Henry goes the extra mile." Chris Doyle, author of Caribbean Cruising Guides

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